Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let playtime begin!!

Today I finally felt I had all the ingrediants here to get to "work" so to speak :)

Had assembled my wet bed for dying,  sufficient paints from a marbelling kit, brushes, dispersant, and Methocel as a thickener..  so away I went!

it's an interesting process, included with the Innovation Marbling Kit, Japanese Suminagashi is a sheet of small cardstock with precut circles for floating on the water, Those are used to drop ink on directly so that it doesn't sink to the bottom.  as you can see in the upper, and lower left circles of paint, in the middle is the cardstock.  As the ink runs off the paper, it begins to disperse on the surface of the water/Methocel.  how and in what direction can kinda be influenced by your placement of the drop, but there is a definite random element there.

After getting what I felt was a fair amount of color floating, it was time to Play... in this instance that was simply taking a bamboo skewer that I had laying around and moving it through the ink so leave swirl marks, or in the case of the blue colors on the lower side, simply trying to shift thier appearance as an experiment.  Remember, I'm a newbie and still figuring it out as I go :)

As you can see, when you do have the ink successfully floating, you can shift it around and change appearance very easily :)  in this case by moving the skewer through it to change the shape of things in an attempt to make it more interesting

This is the finished Handkerchief for that one.. to me a successful experiment, allowing me to see how the colors come out, and what movements can produce.  I didn't really have anything in mind when I started other than learning, so it works on that point and it helped me refine what it is I'm looking for. 


  1. That's a really neat technique! Very nice!

  2. Oh my! The things you get into when my back is turned! This is awesome.

  3. Lol, yeah :) have really enjoyed it so far, almost out of "practice" pieces (silk handkerchiefs) and will start on silk Scarves soon :)